Plastic Podcast- Delivering on Promises

Supermarkets churn out a colossal amount of single-use plastic packaging. Based on supermarkets’ own data, we now know it’s at least 59 billion pieces of plastic every year. So clearly if we are going to solve the plastic pollution problem we need supermarkets to change how they package their products.

Plastic is a near-indestructible material, and too often it ends up in our environment because there’s just too much of it being produced and used for single use packaging in the first place. As packaging, plastic has a short working life, but as pollution it can last for hundreds of years, doing lethal harm to our sea life along the way. Now we know what it’s doing to our oceans, it simply has to go.

Here at Lunt's Heath. we are determined to make small changes now that will have a big impact on the future generations. We know we can't do it all on our own, so what are the big multi-national companies doing about it?

Listen below to our current Plastic Podcast episode where we discuss some of the tihngs that are currently happening in our community but also nationwide.


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