Clue 1

Clue 1  - Ring O’Bells – Ring O’Fluff

This cute ball of fluff takes her name, yes you guessed it, from the name of the pub of course! She can’t believe a pub, or an ‘alehouse’, has been on this very site for hundreds and hundreds of years! That is such a lot of people that have quenched their thirst here over time. Ring O’Fluff wonders if this would have been built for the builders that made the first part of the church, to give them a place to rest and reboot, almost 1000 years ago…? Maybe she’s right - but we can only guess! What do you think?

Coroner’s Lane - Ring O’Fluff also likes to imagine how it might have looked if she was stood in front of the Ring O’Bells, looking down Coroner’s Lane, a long time ago. Look at this old photo (below) that shows the old vicarage that once stood there. Can you spot any signs of exactly where it stood from the photo (tip - look for the gate posts that are still in the wall…)



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