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Clue 2  - QR code info – Luke Over Yonder

This bunny, Luke Over Yonder, likes to do just that! He likes to look over the road and take in that incredible view of the beautiful St. Luke’s church.

Did you know, this church has only been called St. Luke’s since 1859? Before this, it was called St. Wilfrid’s all the way from when it was first built in 1180 (which means some parts of that very building you’re looking at are almost 900 years old!) There has been some kind of church though, in this very spot, for much, much longer than that even. The church actually used to be called St Wilfrid-on-the-hill. It’s not very obvious that we’re on a hill now because of all the buildings we have today!

Shuffle round the pavement a little more and you’ll see a statue in front of the church (the Anglo-Saxon Celtic cross). This was broken in a car accident late last year (see the photo below). Luke Over Yonder likes to think the Celtic cross protected the church in the accident as it used all of its might to shield the church from being damaged (well done Celtic cross!) It was found that year 1000 was dated underneath the cross’ base -  can you believe this had never been seen before! This means this cross is even older that the church - over 1000 years old. Imagine the interesting stories that cross could tell us…

C2P1.jpg                                                                                                        C2P2.jpg

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