Safety Officers


A message from the Junior Safety Officers:

The safety officers look after the school by giving the pupils information about how to stay safe across a range of areas. Each term we will be running competitions about safety. There are plenty of fantastic prizes to be won so make sure that you hand your competition in on time.

Parking Outside of School

Parking outside of school is the cause of a lot of trouble for children on their way to or from school - the situation is unsafe. We know that the school run can be a stressful time but it's really important for everyone's safety that we observe the rules and park safely. That's why it's a good idea to get to school early and look for somewhere safe and legal to park. Please avoid parking on any yellow lines as cars parked there can obstruct the sight of pedestrians who want to cross the road. Please do not double park as this causes an obstruction for other road users and is a danger to pedestrians. 


Your Junior Safety Officers

Every first Friday of the month we hold a 'Funky Feet Friday' which permits children to wear their own choice of shoes for the day in return for choosing a healthy method of arriving at school. We want less children to arrive at schoolby car wherever possible.


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