Clue 6

Clue 6 – QR Code Info – Bunny De Bold

Bunny de Bold is named after the legendary John De Bold! The old story tells of a Griffin that was repeatedly stealing a local farmer’s sheep. It is said that John de Bold disguised himself in sheepskin and waited for the griffin in the sheep field. The Griffin was thought to have picked John up (believing that he was a sheep) and flew him over the river Mersey to his Griffin lair. When John was placed down by the Griffin, John drew his mighty sword and slain the monster. When he returned home to Farnworth, he was rewarded with land in the north of the village and given the name John De Bold. Griffins have been a symbol of the Bold family since then and there are pubs and a woods named after the legend.

There is a very interesting story follow up too - that in the 1800s, when work was being done on the building, workers found unidentified reptile skin in the rafters of the church…!


Look up - can you spot the gargoyles on the church? They were put on many buildings like churches for many centuries. They were thought to scare away evil spirits from the church so that people that went to church felt safe inside its walls.

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