Clue 8

Clue 8 – QR Code Info – Wilfrid Carrotcake

Well done! You have completed the Farnworth Easter trail! This little bunny takes his name from St. Wilfrid’s – the church’s original name and, of course, this bunny’s favourite cake, since we’re here at Whole of the Spoon!

We hope you enjoyed collecting the names of the bunnies of Farnworth - and learning a little about their namesakes too! How wonderful is Farnworth’s history?

Take your sticker and your treat and we’ll leave you with a little bit of information about Farnworth School. You should have walked past the beautiful, historic building on your way to this clue..

Farnworth school was originally called Farnworth National School. It was built in 1844-1845 – this makes it 180 years old! Before this, children were schooled in the church itself.

There was also a separate school in the unused land you can see next to the village shop. This small grammar school was made by the same man that created the Marsh Hall Pad path (which we talked about at clue 4) William Smyth. William Smyth was an important historic figure that was born in Farnworth. He likely lived in ‘Peel House’ – a mansion (with a moat!) that used to stand on the grounds of the old Fairfield High School.

He went on to become a Bishop at the age of 30 and he was in fact the Bishop that wed Catherine of Aragon to Prince Arthur of Wales (King Henry V111’s big brother) before her later marriage to Henry!



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