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SEND (Special Educational Need and Disability)

Lunt's Heath is a fully inclusive primary school and has recently gained the independently accredited Inclusion Quality Mark and Equalities Mark. A copy of each report is available by clicking the relevant link below.

If you feel your child has a special need or disability and is in need of a personal assessment, additional support, or access arrangements please do contact us at the earliest stages to discuss how we can support you and your child in our mainstream setting.

Mr Andrew Moore ~ Assistant Headteacher, Inclusion

Mr Mark Knapper ~ Governor with responsibility for Special Educational Needs

Please click on this link for information regarding Halton’s Local Offer, which relates to the services available for children and young people aged 0-25, who have disabilities or Special Educational Needs.

Attached below is detail of the school’s offer for children with disabilities or Special Educational Needs. If you do not find the information you are looking for then please contact us as we will be only too happy to assist.

In meeting the needs of all children we are passionate about supporting more able learners too. In our mainstream classroom setting we offer this by stretching your child's thinking more laterally with high quality questioning and personal challenge set by the class teacher. In addition there are a range of sporting and artistic opportunities where children can demonstrate their talents on a wider scale.

If you are not happy with your child's provision regarding their special educational needs then please contact Mr Moore in the first instance.  If this issue is not resolved then please contact Mr Paton for further assistance before referring to our complaints policy on our Parents page under school policies.


Sensory Corridor

As part of our continuing offer to support children with their additional needs, we have created our own sensory corridor. it is a designed space that provides children with various stimulating activities to engage their senses. As a school, we acknowledge that we have a number of children with sensory processing needs.

corridor 1.jpgcorridor 4.jpg  

The corridor space is designed to help promote and develop the following:

  • Sensory Engagement: The corridor features elements that target different senses, including sight, touch, sound, smell (less common), and balance.
  • Activities: These can involve walking on different textures, hopping over obstacles, balancing on beams, listening to calming sounds, or interacting with visual displays.
  • Movement Encouragement: The activities are often designed to encourage movement and proprioception (body awareness).
  • Benefits: Sensory corridors can be helpful for children who seek sensory input, have difficulty regulating their emotions, or struggle with focus. They can provide a calming outlet for energy, improve coordination, and promote sensory processing skills


corridor 5.jpgcorridor 3.jpg


Overall, we hope the sensory corridor offers a fun and engaging way to support children's sensory processing needs and promote their overall development.


SEND Podcasts

Over the past few months, our Year 5 children have been talking and discussing SEND needs, additional needs and complex needs that can be barriers to their own and their peers' learning.

Following these discussions, the children have created podcasts to explain how they, the school and staff ensure that all children have the same opportunities across Lunt's Heath


Screenshot 2024-04-18 at 06.47.36.png

Please find the podcasts at the bottom of this page! :)

Spring Term - SEND Newsletter

Please click the link below to access our SEND Newsletter.  If you would like to discuss any of the information included in the newsletter further or have any concerns, then please do not hesitate to contact Mr Moore.

Go to this Sway


Lunt's Heath Podcast Episode 2 Dyslexia.mp3 SEND Podcast new.mp3

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