Clue 7

Clue 7 – QR Code Info – Griffindorable

If you read the story about the Griffin at clue 6, you will know why this little bunny has his name! The legend of John De Bold and the Griffin!

So now you’re stood behind the church, take a look at the bricks. Where do you think the sandstone may have come from that the church was built with, all those hundreds of years ago?

We have been told that there was a quarry at the other end of Coroner’s Lane, near the back of Farnworth school, which is where the first sandstone was taken from for the church build. Them when more work was done on the church in later years, sandstone was taken from behind the church in the graveyard in which you are standing. You should be able to see a dip in the graveline where the ground has subsided!

Why do you think the church builders might have looked close by for the sandstone?

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