Clue 4

Clue 4 – QR Code info – Princess Mary Bella

Did you know that a real princess used to come to the church 200 years ago – and is actually laid to rest in there?

Mary Bold became Princess Mary Sapieha when she married a Prince from Lithuania in 1822. The Bolds were a rich family who have been linked with the church for hundreds of years. They built a special chapel within the church which is still there today. It is now filled with interesting memorials from the family – including an old suit of armour (the church believe this actually could have belonged to John De Bold himself!)

The Bold family’s crypt/tomb actually lies underneath the Bold chapel inside the church, with a special stair case under the floor! The crypt is protected

Other Interesting Information

Did you know that the path called Marsh Hall Pad (you’ll see it in front of you and on your map) was made during a time of plague around the year 1500. It was made so that church-goers from Cuerdley could come to church without walking through Farnworth village and risk catching the illness from any infected villagers!

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